Why did I receive a notice regarding a paving lien against my property and why is my assessment more than my neighbor’s assessment?

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The Parish of Caddo has the authority to order the paving, repaving, or improvement of any streets, public alleys, or public places in the Parish whenever in its judgment and discretion it may be necessary. Property owners whose property abuts a dirt street may petition the Caddo Parish Commission to pave the street. Property owners who represent more than 50 percent of the assessable front footage must sign the petition. Currently, the Parish pays 60 percent of the costs of the paving with property owners on either side of the street paying 40 percent. Upon completion of a street paving project, 40 percent of the total cost of the project is assessed against the property owners on the basis of the owner’s respective front footage. Property owners may repay the assessment over a period of four (4) or nine (9) years. The current interest rate on street paving assessments is 5 percent. Until the assessment is paid in full, a lien is placed against the property and filed with the Clerk of Court. For more information on paving assessments, contact the Finance Department at (318) 429-7644.