Subdivision Developments

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Caddo Parish Subdivision Acceptance

The Parish of Caddo is pleased to welcome new subdivisions into our community. New subdivisions promote economic development, beautify the Parish and surrounding communities, and are safe havens for our citizens.

If you would like for your subdivision development to be accepted into the Parish maintenance system, please have a licensed Louisiana Engineer note the following checklist below:

Submittals to obtain Notice to Proceed

1.    Storm Water Detention Master Plan, with supporting calculations
2.    Storm Water Impact related to Adjacent property impact
3.    Topo Map
4.    Copy of SWPPP and BMPs
5.    Erosion Control Plan incorporated into construction plans
6.    Copy of Construction Contracts (Road, Drainage, Water/Sewer)
7.    3% Inspection fee (based on contracts cost)
8.    Soil investigation reports
9.    If filling floodplains, secure and provide a copy of FEMA’s LOMA approval
10.  If connecting from a state road, secure and provide a copy of the DOTD access permit
11.  Culverts sized properly, min 15” and 18” RCPs for driveway and cross drains, respectively
12.  Water and Sewer Main layout and details (designed behind back slope)
13.  Street Cross-sections incorporated into construction plans
14.  Street Sign detail incorporated into construction plans
15.  Traffic control detail incorporated into construction plans
16.  Sidewalk detail incorporated into construction plans
17.  Road mix design
18.  Detailed construction specifications
19.  Copy of NOI for LPDES Permit

Submittals Post Construction

20.  Letter from Design Engineer, certifying acceptance of construction work
21. Letter from Developer, requesting Parish acceptance of Roads and Drainage Systems
22.  Letter from Water Supplier accepting responsibility
23.  Letter from Sewer Service provider accepting responsibility
24.  2-year, 50% maintenance bond – Paving and Drainage

For detailed specifications, please see the Parish Municode