Right-of-Way / Road Crossing

A Permit is required for any work within a Parish of Caddo maintained easement or right-of-way. Examples of work requiring a right-of-way permit are:

  • Doing any work within a Parish road easement.
  • Placing a utility line (water, sewer, telephone, Stormwater pipe, gas, cable, etc.) under the road or within the road shoulder
  • Residential driveway connection

Permit fees vary (see fee schedule)

What is a Right of Way Permit, and when should you purchase one?

An individual or company must obtain a permit before any excavation is performed in the Public Right-of-Way. This permit will consist of Permit Application Guidelines, Permit Holder Requirements, and other relevant information.

How to Submit Online

Download the Right-of-Way Permit and fill out the required information. Visit the online submittal page linked below and upload a copy of the completed Permit with your request. Public Works will review the request in five (5) business days. The Permits office will contact you after review regarding approval and payment options.

An online application does not approve work. A valid permit issued by the Department of Public Works must be in hand before starting any work in the Parish right-of-way.

Compliance Information