About Engineering

Louisiana Building Code
New Building Code Requirements
Due to the 2005 catastrophe of Hurricanes Rita and Katrina, the Louisiana legislature passed new laws regarding the code requirements for residential and commercial buildings.
Construction must conform to the 2009 International Building Code, the 2008 National Electrical Codes, 2000 Plumbing Code, 2006 International Mechanical Code, 2006 Edition of the Gas Code, Life Safety 101, NFP1 2009 Edition any Standard they Ref., and all local ordinances and regulations.
Any structure moved on or built and larger than 20 feet by 30 feet must have a development permit.
Residential Inspections
The Parish has set up an agreement with the City of Shreveport to perform all residential inspections for the Parish of Caddo.
If you are constructing or modifying a structure, you may need to contact the City of Shreveport’s permit office at 318-673-6105.
Drainage Projects

This section is designed to keep you informed of current and upcoming Caddo Parish Drainage projects. All construction project times are often changed due to weather conditions, budgetary constraints, and scheduling conflicts. If you have any questions dealing with future projects, please contact the Caddo Parish Engineering department at 318-226-6931.


The Parish of Caddo uses the ordinances Chapter 48 as the guideline to approving subdivisions. Public Works has four divisions that review plats submitted. Once approved, the Public Works Director will sign the plat.

Approval Process

The following is a brief guideline for submission.

  • Review ordinance Chapter 48
  • Submit proposed plat and construction plans with specs to the Caddo Parish Right-of-Way Agent
  • The approval process usually takes about 10 business days. After which, you can
    check back with the Permit Office on the status.
  • After all corrections and changes are made, the plat can be signed with appropriate fees paid.
  • Return mylar for proper recording with Public Works Permit Office.
Proposed Parish Roads

The subdivisions with proposed public roads, the following are a few guidelines to follow during design and construction.

Review Ordinance Chapter 48
Be sure to install or construct what was proposed and approved only.
Ensure proper Parish Inspection is coordinated.

Roads & Bridges

All construction projects are subject to change due to weather conditions, budgetary constraints, and scheduling conflicts. If you have any questions, please contact the Engineering Department at 318-226-6931.

Caddo Bike Plan

The Caddo Parish Bicycle Plan has been prepared to inform the Caddo Parish Bike Plan Component of the Northwest Louisiana Council of Governments (NLCOG) Long Range Transportation Plan. This plan is designed to address policies, infrastructure, and programming that can and should be complemented by a more detailed Shreveport Citywide Network Plan that also considers connections to park lands, potential off-street trails, greenways, and important quality of life goals envisioned by city leaders.

You may download a copy of the Caddo Bicycle Plan

49 Corridor Zoning
I-49 Corridor Interchange Districts

There are three primary Interchange district specifications being proposed for the I-49 corridor.

  • IN-1 - Around I-49 interchanges and within 1 mile of I-49, primary usage is for interstate commerce.
  • IN-2 - Around I-49 corridor and within 1 mile from the interchanges, for local business use and traffic.
  • IN-R - Areas beyond 1 mile and up to 3 miles of the I-49 interchange, primarily for rural use.

All developments will require a proposed site plan with specified required information, including but not limited to: drainage plan, contours, external vegetation and facility design. All developments (with a few exceptions within the Interchange district) are subject to review by either Parish staff and/or the Parish Commission. For more details regarding commission required approval, see the public release PDF below.

Special case zoning may be proposed. Request for special approval must be given to Parish Staff, who in turn will propose approval, approval with conditions, or denial, to the Parish Commission.

See additional information attached below regarding mobile home parks, solar panels, turbines and billboard/signage placement within Interchange Area.

Public Release Draft Information