Public Records Requests

Requests may be made in any manner (by phone, in writing, through email, etc.), but written requests are recommended.

To expedite a written letter sent through the mail, you may also scan written letter and email it to  Please be as specific as possible when making a request to ensure we are only seeking the precise information you need.  Be sure to include all relevant contact information so that we can respond to the request and be able to contact someone in the event of a question.

Public information requests shall be honored in the most expeditious manner balancing the cost to the citizen with the schedule and knowledge of the parish employees.  In most cases, where a small amount of information is requested, there is no cost and can usually be fulfilled through an e-mail response or phone call to the requesting party.  When larger amounts of information are requested, the affected Department Head shall determine how many and which employees will be used to gather and reproduce the information and whether overtime is necessary to accomplish the request.  When overtime is necessary, this cost shall be borne by the citizen requesting the information.

Public Information request fees must be paid in advance of any items produced.  Prior to producing any item for which a fee is due, we will contact the requestor and advise them of the estimated price for the copies.  Please reference Caddo Parish Municipal Code, Chapter 35.  The fees, rates, or charges for the service, license, or permit provided for anywhere in this Code shall be in the amount shown in the schedules set out in this chapter.  The presence of a fee, rate, or charge in this chapter without a requirement elsewhere in this Code that the fee, rate, or charge be paid, shall be construed as a requirement that the fee, rate, or charge be paid.