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Well Site Locations

In an emergency, you need emergency personnel to respond to the correct address as quickly as possible. 9-1-1 addresses have been established to handle this situation. All drilling sites within Caddo Parish are required to obtain a 9-1-1 address prior to construction.

In order to obtain a 9-1-1 address, you must provide a site plan or map showing the location to be addressed, as well as any other required information (see below).

Address Requirements

To obtain a 9-1-1 address for oil & gas site locations, applicants must submit the following items:

Additional Information

All sites are required to submit a Sound Study. If no sound study is provided, the Parish will utilize the Parish Code for Maximum permissible sound levels.

Parish Municipal Codes

It is encouraged that any Oil & Gas company operating within Caddo Parish be familiar with the Caddo Parish Municipal Codes prior to selecting the location of any Oil and Gas Well.  The chapter listed below directly relates to the operations that will be performed within the Parish of Caddo.

Chapter 32, Article VI. Regulation of Noise Within the Unincorporated Limits of the Parish of Caddo

If you have any questions, please contact the Caddo Parish Public Works Department Office at (318) 226-6949.