Juvenile Court Visitor Information

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When coming to court you do not need to dress up but wear nice clothing that is in good shape. Do not wear shorts, warm-up suits, tank tops, halter tops, short skirts or clothes that show your stomach area or your underwear. Do not wear pants that sag or are too big for you.


Accommodations for People with Disabilities: The Juvenile Court building and grounds meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you have a disability and believe you may need an accommodation to fully and equally participate in a particular court proceeding or activity, you may request an accommodation by completing a Request for Reasonable Accommodation form. Instructions are included with the form.

Childcare is not available at the Juvenile Court.

There is no food available except from vending machines. Food cannot be brought into the Court rooms or upstairs in the Probation area.


Your court order or summons: This is helpful, although not necessary. Bring $40 in cash or money order if you plan to ask for a court appointed attorney. There is a $40 application fee that everyone is required to pay.

You also may want to bring:

  • Pen/pencil and paper so that you can take notes
  • A folder to keep your court paperwork in
  • A book to read while you wait
  • Schoolwork/homework to work on while you wait
  • Change for the vending machines
  • Other than those children who need to attend court or have an appointment in the building, it is best not to bring other children when coming to Juvenile Court. Especially when coming for a court hearing, you can expect to spend time waiting and there is little for children to do while you wait. If you do bring other children with you to Juvenile Court, also bring something for them to do.
  • Do not bring weapons of any kind to the building.
  • State law with regard to smoking and the possession of tobacco is strictly enforced.

To find out when your child’s hearing is scheduled, you should contact or consult:

  • Date and Time of appearance is found on your subpoena, summons or letter to appear.
  • Your child’s juvenile probation officer, if your child already has a JPC; or
  • Your child’s attorney, if your child already has an attorney assigned to the case; or The Court Clerk’s Office at 226-6751.

You should plan to arrive thirty (30) minutes before your court hearing in order to speak with your attorney or court officer.