Is the Parish going to spray for mosquitoes?

FAQsAnimal Service & Mosquito Control FAQs

Yes, when it is necessary to do so, we will operate a spray program. We will monitor known breeding sites and apply larvicide to control mosquitos in their infant stages. We will also check identified locations from citizen complaints and apply larvicide or adulticide where needed. WHEN NECESSARY, we will conduct an adulticide spray program to kill mosquito populations during active hours.

Citizens may also receive real time, up to the minute updates on when their neighborhoods are being treated for mosquito control thanks to the Parish’s new Everbridge notification system. Parish residents may sign up for this free service by visiting to create their account. Sign in to your account, and then you can choose to receive these notifications under “My Subscriptions (Edit).”

One enrolled, citizens can receive texts, emails or phone calls notifying them of when their particular neighborhood and/or zip code is being treated by Animal Control.