How do I start the process of getting a 911 address?

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The first step is to call the City of Shreveport. If located within the limits of 
Greenwood, contact the Town of Greenwood. For Oil and Gas addresses, see the Parish section for Oil & Gas.

9-1-1 Address Permit

The Parish of Caddo 911 Addressing Office is responsible for assigning addresses to improved properties outside Shreveport and Vivian. This includes temporary addresses required for cellular antennas, power facilities, and Oil & Gas sites. Only improved projects will receive an address.

911 Addresses are only valid for a single lot or parcel of property with one primary structure or occupied space with additional permitted accessory structures, also known as a “building site” (recreational vehicles may not be permitted as primary structures (ord. 8-10(c)), 18-5, and 18-72(5)) (ord. 48-19 and 52-20). All accessory structures must have all utilities (power, water, sewer, cable, and telephone) originating from the primary structure. Any additional 911 addresses require a subdivision plat separating any main structures or occupied spaces.

Each residence or commercial structure within a building site area shall be surrounded by a minimum of 25,000 square feet of land if a public water system utilizing a community water supply as defined by R.S. 40:5.8 is used. The land area required shall be one acre if an individual water well is used (ord. 52-55).

Under no circumstances will a deviation be allowed below 22,500 square feet, (see parish ordinance 52-55).


The Parish has partnered with the City of Shreveport to do building permits prior to approval of an address. Applicants for a 911 address must first submit a permit request from the City of Shreveport’s online portal or visit their office in Government Plaza 505 Travis Street, Suite (130) Shreveport, LA 71101. The request for a 911 address will be completed at this time. The City Permits office then forwards the request to our office electronically.

Permit Fee

  • $50 Fee – Residential and Mobile Homes
  • $100 Fee – Commercial/Industrial (Under $500,000)

Steps to Obtain a 9-1-1 Address Permit

  1. Contact the City of Shreveport Permits department at 318-673-6100 or bring a legal description to the City Permit office. The department is located on the 1st floor of Government Plaza. You may also utilize the City of Shreveport’s online portal.
  2. For Vivian contact the Town of Vivian and for a Greenwood address utilize the online inquiry below and include the legal description of the property in the comments section.\
  3. Contact the Caddo Parish Health Department at 318-676-5265 concerning your septic system, if applicable. The department is located at 1035 Creswell Avenue.
  4. Contact the MPC at 318-673-6480 concerning a Zoning Certificate for the property, if placing a mobile home within 5 miles of City. The department is located on the 4th floor of Government Plaza.
  5. Bring all of the above paperwork to the City Permit office on the 1st floor of Government Plaza 318-673-6100.Note: If you are outside that 5-mile buffer – you may omit the fourth step.
    Note: If you are not on a septic system – you may omit the third step.

Additionally Required Permits

Once you obtained a 9-1-1 Address Permit, you may apply for any other permits or inspections you may require. The City of Shreveport Permits and Inspections Office, located on the first floor of Government Plaza at 505 Travis Street, issues additional permits and conducts inspections for Caddo Parish. For more details, please call 318-673-6100.