Our mission is to support all Parish departments and agencies by providing centralized financial and data processing functions, including procurement and accounting.




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Department of Finance FAQs

Why should I choose electronic payments over a check?

Once invoices are processed for payment, funds from virtual credit card payments are typically available to you within 1-2 business days, ACH direct deposits are available within 1-3 business days, while paper checks may take up to 7-10 business days to arrive.  Apart from receiving your payments faster, you’ll be provided your own payment portal. Here you can view your ... Read More

What if we still want to receive check payments?

Moving to electronic payments will expedite your receipt of payment, while also eliminating the risk of a check being lost in the mail. However, vendors who do not wish to register for ACH or virtual credit card payments will still receive paper checks. These checks will be printed by Nvoicepay/Corpay instead of being printed in house, unless specifically requested by ... Read More

Are there fees affiliated with electronic payments?

Caddo Parish and Nvoicepay/Corpay do not charge vendors any additional fees for using these services. However, if you enroll in virtual credit card payments, your credit card processing system may apply the typical card processing fees associated with Mastercard payments.    If your organization charges additional credit card processing fees, transaction fees, convenience fees, etc. please enroll in ACH payments ... Read More

How can I get paid faster?

Caddo Parish has partnered with Corpay Payment Automation to facilitate electronic payments to our vendors. We chose Corpay as they are the leader in vendor payment automation and will ensure that your payments are delivered rapidly and securely. If you’re interested in receiving future payments via virtual credit card or ACH direct deposit, you may register through our “Vendor Payments” ... Read More

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