Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

The Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit (CVEU) is tasked with enforcing the laws, rules, and regulations for Caddo Parish on all commercial motor vehicles. Our mission is to encourage and promote a safe driving environment by conducting roadside inspections and traffic enforcement on large commercial vehicles.

CVEU Permits

All overweight and oversized loads (including loggers and house movers) are required to obtain a permit. Visit the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit Website ( to find more information on the different permit types that are offered, related costs for all permits, and guidance to help you determine whether or not you are required to obtain a permit for your trip.

Note: A separate permit must be purchased for each truck, commodity, and route, per load.


The objective of the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division is to:

•  Protect the Parish from unnecessary damage to roadways and bridges by overweight vehicles.
•  Reduce commercial motor vehicle accidents through the enforcement of Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
•  Ensure payment of commercial vehicle fees by enforcement of Parish Ordinances
•  Inspect commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations

Additional Information

For an overview of Caddo Parish's commercial vehicle regulations, please refer to the CVEU Handbook.
For weight limits for Posted Caddo Parish bridges, see the weight limits section below.

Frank Sambrano, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer for Caddo Parish

Frank Sambrano, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer for Caddo Parish 

Contact Information

If we can be of assistance in any way, please feel free to contact us at (318-841-5522) or email our office to speak with an enforcement officer. Our offices are located at 505 Travis Street (suite 820), Shreveport, LA 71101.

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