Adjudicated Property

Louisiana law allows the governmental body having jurisdiction over property that has been adjudicated in excess of three years.

The Parish is authorized to only sell a property that has been adjudicated since January 1, 1975, which is defined as an immovable property on which the property taxes were not paid and which was not purchased at the subsequent tax sale and considered surplus or no longer needed by the Parish for a public purpose.

Failure to Pay Delinquent Taxes
Properties adjudicated to the Parish are sold with the intention of restoring them to the property tax rolls. The right of way section, working with the Office of the Parish Attorney, has taken the lead role to assure that back taxes are collected in Caddo Parish. If delinquent taxes are not paid, properties are subject to be sold.

Listing of Adjudicated Properties
The Caddo Parish Commission does not maintain a listing of adjudicated property nor do we provide large maps identifying such locations. The Caddo Parish Assessor’s Office located in the Caddo Parish Courthouse is responsible for the discovery, listing, and valuing all property in Caddo Parish for ad valorem tax purposes. The Assessor’s Office maintains an online property search database that can help aid in locating adjudicated property. For more information on gaining access to this site and annual subscription cost, please contact the Assessor’s Office at (318) 226-6701.

How To Find Adjudicated Property

Online Adjudicated Sales

Properties that failed to sell at a tax sale are adjudicated to the governing authority. Adjudicated property auctions are conducted online and allow investors to acquire full ownership with a clear title and title insurance. Purchase property for $0 plus closing costs. Visit to view a list of available adjudicated properties and to initiate an auction.